About Liberatum Solutions

It’s been a long journey to get to where we are now!

Our story

Liberatum Solutions Ltd was founded in 2015 by a highly experienced Danish developer, Klaus Jensen. He started his career working for Scandinavian tech companies as a software developer in 1998 working on web applications and dynamic websites. Working for big companies, such as ebay Denmark, Klaus had an opportunity to grow professionally and learn from the best. 

Having honed his skills and confidence over an 8-year period of hard work and dedication, Klaus decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship and launch his own software development company called Sixfootfour in 2006. As a Founder, Solution Architect and Senior C# Developer, together with a team of qualified experts, Klaus successfully established his credentials as a reliable and quality-centric deliverer of large-scale projects within multiple, multinational industry sectors. 

Liberatum Solutions Ltd’s journey started when Klaus moved to Malta in 2015. Building on the accomplishments’ reputation of Sixfootfour, he quickly began to build a full-service software development and IT consultancy company across two countries with a team of experienced experts and trusted freelancers.

Over the past 5 years, Liberatum Solutions Ltd has been successfully delivering software solutions and consultancy to a diverse portfolio of local and global clients.

Our services

Today Liberatum Solutions Ltd offers a full range of bespoke software development services, including customisable applications, backend development, integration and eCommerce solutions. 

We are specialised in architecting and developing solutions based on C#, SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI. We have many years of experience with utilizing cloud infrastructure (primarily Azure) and in-depth expertise in working with identity and access management.

In addition to designing software solutions we also offer consulting practices for custom software engineering, eCommerce development, and apps design.

Our approach

Prior to commencing any project, we first define scope and measurable goals. Our team gathers important information about your business, audience or final user, the purpose of the software and what your competitors are doing. We create a specification document and outline all the details for development to ensure that you are satisfied with the approach and timelines.

Knowing that the key factor for delivering a cost-efficient, long-lasting product to a client is understanding their needs, our workflow is based on close communication, testing, analysing mistakes and improving the project at each milestone.

We believe that a customised approach, open communication, market research, and implementation based on the best practices, is the best way to achieve high ROI.

Our mission

Our main goal is to architect and deliver flexible and innovative solutions that enable our clients to deliver on their KPIs. Our strength lies in working with complex projects and enjoying a challenge.

Work experience and long-term relationships with trusted freelancers who have deep knowledge and great expertise in required fields, help us to resolve challenging tasks and find solutions for any complicated matters.

Whatever software idea you have in your mind we will help you to optimise, architect and bring it to life.

Flexible approach, years of experience and innovative ways of thinking allow us to bring new ideas to the market and architect outstanding software solutions that help our clients to scale and optimise their businesses!
Klaus Jensen
Solution Architect / Senior Developer Liberatum Solutions Ltd.

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